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About Us

We are serious breeders of golden retrievers.  We are located in Eastern Tennessee. We have owned & loved Golden Retrievers for more than 20 yrs.  We reside in a rural community located at the foothills of the Appalachian mountains.  Our goldens are valued members of our family & our breeding program is driven by our passion for the breed.  We are continuously working to better the breed through careful consideration of the health, temperament, & genetics of each of our dogs. We have carefully selected our dogs from some of the finest & most respected breeders.  Our dogs each undergo health screenings prior to becoming a part of our breeding program.  Our goldens each have their hip & elbow certifications with BVA &/or OFA & have their heart & eye certifications with OFA prior to being used in our breeding program. We also do DNA testing for GR-PRA & Ichthyosis on each of our goldens (except when status is determined by parentage)
  Our puppies are born & raised inside our home.  Our puppies receive LOTS of daily socialization & are handled from the day they arrive.  Each litter of puppies we raise has a full veterinarian exam along with age appropriate vaccines prior to leaving our home.  
As serious breeders, who are committed to the well being of the golden retriever breed, we strive to produce puppies of superior temperament & health first & foremost. We are very particular about breeding according to the KC &/or AKC breed standard. 

Below Are Just A Few Reasons You Should Consider A Nolichucky Golden

  • All of our goldens are AKC registered
  • To us, breeding should be about the quality of the breed & educating ourselves to improve on every litter that we produce. We have done everything possible in order to improve on our bloodlines. We have imported several of our goldens from European countries & have spent many hours in study of pedigrees in order to carefully select our pairings. This has involved use of stud dogs from other top kennels, which has resulted in a large financial investment due to stud fees, travel expenses, vet expenses involved with artifical inseminations (AI), etc, and we have made each of these sacrifices in order to improve this wonderful breed & to produce only superior quality puppies.
  • Temperament is at the top of our priority list. If a golden does not exhibit the typical golden retriever qualities in temperament, then he/she should not reproduce, regardless of health or pedigree
  • Our goldens must all pass a full series of health screenings prior to being approved for our breeding program
  • Our goldens are involved in various activities which include pet therapy, CGC, obedience competition, & periodically compete in conformation events
  • All of our puppies come with a written health guarantee
  • We have a host of satisfied clients who own a Nolichucky golden & several of them have been return clients who came back for a second golden. We are happy to provide references upon request
  • We are committed to a lifetime of client support & we make ourselves available to assist our clients with any & all concerns
  • We firmly believe in proper training & socialization of a puppy. We strive to produce puppies that are very intelligent, sociable, & capable of participating in any aspect of performance events, whether it be obedience, rally, agility, pet therapy, or hunting competitions

I AM YOUR PUPPY.  I will love you till the end of the earth.  Please know a few things about me.
  I AM A PUPPY. This means my intelligence & capacity for learning are the same as an 8 month old child.
 I AM A PUPPY.  I will chew everything I can get my teeth on. This is how I explore & learn about the world. It is up to you to guide me to what is mine to chew & what is not. 
I AM A PUPPY. I cannot hold my bladder for longer than 1-2 hours at a time.  I cannot feel that I need to poop until it is too late.  I cannot vocalize nor tell you that I neet to go, & I cannot have bladder & bowel control until 6-9 months old. Do not punish me if you have not let me out for 3 hours & I tinkle.  As a puppy, it is wise to remember that I need to go potty after eating, sleeping, playing, & drinking.  If you want me to sleep through the night, then don't give me water after 8:00pm. A crate will help me learn to housebreak easier, & will avoid you being mad at me.
I AM A PUPPY. Accidents will happen. Please be patient with me. In time I will learn.
I AM A PUPPY.  I like to play. I will run around & chase imaginary things, chase your feet & toes, attack you, chase fuzz balls, other pets, & small kids. It is play, it's what I do. Do not be mad at me or expect me to be sedate, mellow, & sleep all day.  If my energy level is too much for you, maybe you could consider an older rescue from a shelter or rescue group.  Use your wisdom to guide me in my play with appropriate toys like a ball, gentle tug toys, & plenty of chew toys.
I AM A PUPPY.  Hopefully you will not yell, strike, kick, or beat me. I am delicate, & also very impressionable.  If you treat me harshly now, I will grow up learning to be fearful.  Please guide me with encouragement & wisdom.  Pick up anything that you do not want me to get into. I can't tell the difference between your old sock & your new sock, or an old sneaker from your new sneakers. 
I AM A PUPPY. I am a creature with feelings & drives much like your own, but yet also very different. I truly do want to please you & be a part of your family.  I hope you got me because you want a loving companion, so do not relegate me to the backyard when I get bigger, do not judge me harshly, but instead, mold me with gentleness & training into the kind of family member you want me to be.
I AM A PUPPY.  I am not perfect. I know you are not perfect either, but I love you anyway.  So please, learn all you can about training, puppy behaviors, & caring for me.  Learn about my particular breed & our characteristics. It will give you insight & understanding as to why I do all the things I do.  Please teach me with love & patience.  Please socialize me & train me in a puppy class or obedience class. We will both have fun. 
And lastly, I AM A GOLDEN RETRIEVER PUPPY.  This means I will shed hair all over your house. Please don't let anyone tell you otherwise. But, please know that with the right grooming, this can be manageable. Please know that, when I go outdoors, I love to chew EVERYTHING I can get in my mouth. This may include sticks, plants, & other things that can be harmful to me. Please know that I require constant supervision when I am outdoors.  But please know too, that my breeder says it is NEVER ok to tie me to a chain & leave me outside...NEVER!!!  Someday I will be a handsome dog & hopefully one that you can be proud of & one that you can love as much as I love you. But for now, just remember that

PLEASE NOTE: All of our puppies are sold to pet homes with limited AKC registration & a spay/neuter contract.

James Fillers


1210 Horse Creek Park Road

Chuckey, Tennessee 37641