Nolichucky Goldens

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Charming Carlee Of Chuckey


Carlee was one of the most special goldens we have ever been priveleged to own at Nolichucky. Carlee was a wonderful mother & gave us 4 litters of puppies throughout her lifetime. She was such an amazing girl, that she even filled in as a surrogate & nursed a litter of 9 puppies immediately after weaning her own puppies, due to the mother of the other litter developing mastitis....and this was a golden unknown to Carlee.  She jumped right in & helped willingly, nursing & cleaning the puppies as if they were her own.  After having her 3rd litter of puppies, we decided to let Carlee become a therapy dog. Well, words cant describe what a wonderful therapy dog she was...almost like it was her calling.  We began to share Carlee with a wonderful couple, Buzz & Gail Butler, who we considered to be Carlee's guardian parents. They immediately fell in love with Carlee & they were the ones responsible for all of her training to become a certified therapy dog & Gail was the person who accompanied Carlee on her therapy dog adventures.  She worked as a therapy dog on a weekly basis in nursing homes, cancer centers, & hospitals. She occasionally visited the school systems as well, where she was a part of the Tail Waggin Tutor program. Buzz & Gail were the most wonderful parents for Carlee & loved her as deeply as we did. After Carlee's last litter of puppies, the plan was for her to be spayed & to continue on as a therapy dog. Carlee went in for spaying on Dec 22, 2015 & sadly she never left the vets office. We lost Carlee due to complications after her spaying. Needless to say, we, along with Buzz, Gail, & many others whose lives Carlee had touched, were devastated. The only bright side of the tragedy was that we were able to keep a male from Carlee's last litter. His name is Teddy & you will see more of him in the future. Teddy will take Carlee's place with the Butler's & carry on his mothers legacy as therapy dog once he is of the appropriate age. We greatly miss our Carlee & she will never be replaced.

Tikotta Mr Bojangels (OAKLEY)

Mr Oaks (as I have always called him) has been such an enormous asset to Nolichucky Goldens. We imported Oakley from Hungary as a puppy. We are ever grateful to Marta Farkas of Tikotta Goldens for entrusting us with this boy. He has the most amazing, lovable, biddable temperament. He has been a certified therapy dog in the past, however, he had to retire from that role due to the unfortunate passing of his therapy handler. Due to time constraints, we were unable to continue his therapy work once his handler (Lee McQuay) passed. Oakley has produced many amazing puppies for us here at Nolichucky Goldens & he has progeny throughout the eastern US & we receive frequent compliments on the temperaments of his puppies. In fact, Oakley is the sire to our upcoming hopeful (Teddy) who will soon become a part of our breeding program. Teddy follows in his dad's footsteps in that he is one amazing pet therapy golden. Oakley has now been retired from our breeding program & he is getting to spend lots of his time on the lake with his new family (Clyde & Linda Tisdale) & they absolutely adore Oakley. He is living close enough (Knoxville, TN) that we can go for visits.