Nolichucky Goldens

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This page is dedicated to the many satisfied customers who have purchased a Nolichucky Golden.

Each of the testimonials below were submitted to us directly from the puppy buyers & with their permission, were added to this page.
If you would like to submit a testimonial for this page, please email it to us & we will post it.
After 5 years dog free, we made the decision to finally add a puppy to our home. After some research, I stumbled upon James Fillers at Nolichucky Goldens. He promptly answered by questions and, once we made the decision, he kept me in the loop with the litter through videos and pictures on his facebook page. We picked up our puppy, Max, on Dec 23rd and have been head over heels for him ever since. We met Max's mom and grandmother, and if I could have, I would have taken all 3 home with me. James made the process a simple one. There is no doubt how much he loves and cares for his dogs, his litters, and the golden retriever breed as a whole.  James provided me with lots of important freed information (vaccines, when to neuter, etc) and is available to me whenever I have a question. It will be a little while before Max is a running buddy to one of my sons and a lake buddy to my other one, but he is already the best friend my daughter has always wanted. Just shy of 12 weeks old, he is a cuddle bug, an intelligent boy who already rings the bell on the door every time he needs to go out, he knows sit, stay, and come, he sleeps soundly and happily in his crate each night. We are looking forward to may happy years with our Max.

Holly Kulp, Germantown TN
When looking for a puppy, we wanted a puppy that was going to be a part of our family.  Midway through this search, my wife came up with the idea of this future puppy becoming a comfort dog for families that we serve at our family owned funeral home. It turns out that the perfect breeder was in our own back yard. James Fillers was easy to work with, always communicated with us, and kept us involved in every step of the way. He also scheduled ample time for us to get to know "Dobber" the day we were able to pick him up. Dobber is not only a member of our famiy, but he has also been unbelievably positively received by the families that we serve at the funeral home. The effect he has had on grieving children and adults alike is beyond anything that I could have hoped for. He is also our 4 year old daughter's new best friend. Even though the perfect breeder was in our back yard, we would gladly drive any distance for another Nolichucky golden.

Justin Jeffers, Greeneville TN
We cannot say enough thank you's to James Fillers and Nolichucky Goldens for our beautiful "Happy". After losing our precious golden and searching for a new breeder, Nolichucky Goldens was like hitting the golden retriever breeder lottery. Throughout Carlee's pregnancy and birth, James kept us informed with pictures, recommendations and advice. His love for this breed of dog and knowledge is infectious. He took a week off of work when the puppies were born to insure their safety. We were fortunate to get the "pick of the litter", however, we could have closed our eyes and picked one because James has such high standards for this breed and takes impeccable care of his dogs. Happy is so smart. She was easy to train and is so well behaved. She has been a wonderful puppy and just celebrated her first birthday. The whole family adores her and she is such a joy, not to mention absolutely beautiful. We receive compliments on her all the time. Thank you, James, Thank you!!!

David and Katie Trapani, Very "Happy" family
In the past, I have always had rescue dogs but this time around, I decided to use a breeder and after researching both dogs and breeders, I decided on an English Golden from Nolichucky in TN. My experience could not have been better. My wonderful Finley, is now 6 months old and James and I still chat regularly. Fin is easily the smartest, sweetest most gorgeous dog I have owned & I have had some terrific dogs. Everyone that sees Fin, comments on how handsome and well behaved he is! I just drove from Atlanta to Chicago and back again for Xmas and Fin was absolutely perfect the entire time despite the awful drive. He continues to amaze me every day which is largely due to his outstanding breeding. I would recommend James Fillers/Nolichucky unequivocally to anyone wanting a top notch/loving/caring breeder of English Goldens. Thank you again for my fabulous Fin!🐾

Nancy Z, Alpharetta, GA
James Fillers has changed my life (no exaggeration) by breeding my wonderful Reggie. I now live in heaven on earth. Reggie is the most beautiful, happiest, healthiest dog a person could want. He loves people as well as other dogs, and is so personable, playful, and great with children. Everyone remarks wherever we go with comments such as "that is the most gorgeous dog I have ever seen". I have to admit that I agree with the masses. I have sung James' praises to all who ask where I got Reggie, and highly recommend James' puppies to anyone interested. In my opinion, James is the Number 1 breeder of 'English Goldens'. James kept me informed from the time Reggie's mom was pregnant throughout her pregnancy. Then James kept in contact with me frequently when Reggie was growing until I received my puppy. There is no doubt that James is focused on breeding the healthiest and most beautiful 'English Goldens'. He does this for the love of the breed. Thank you forever James

S Kenley, Extremely Happy Customer
Chase is now 6 months old, and has amazed us in so many ways. We are so happy with how incredibly fast he learns, always wants to please, and relishes his role as part of the family and protector of children. We are very glad Nolichucky was recommended to us, and the road trip from CT to TN was worth every mile. Looking back on it we would do it all over again in a second for such a lovable pup! James was so nice and helpful throughout the process, he couldn't have been more reassuring and informative. To anyone considering an English Golden, you will be rewarded many times over. They are an intelligent, caring breed with boundless love, and Nolichucky is devoted to continuing this wonderful reputation.

Kevin and Mary, Connecticut
We picked up our "Eli" at the beginning of December, and we could not be happier. He is sweet, handsome and very smart. We are first time dog owners, and James provided us with a tremendous amount of support and guidance to go along with our amazing new dog. We trust him implicitly, and would never go anywhere else!

Bill Thompson
James, We just wanted to tell you how happy we are with our Lola that we received from Skye and Oakley's October litter this year. From day one, she has been so sweet and loving. Everyone who has met her has fallen in love with her and has commented on what a beautiful, stunning girl she is. We agree! She also is super smart, and we were very surprised at what she was able to learn so quickly. Within a week of having her, she immediately came running to us when we called her name, she sat on command, and she shook hands. Pretty remarkable for a 7 week old puppy! She was also super easy to house train and crate train. We just love her so much, and are lucky that we were able to connect with you and get one of your beautiful, intelligent, and sweet puppies. Thank you, James! Joy Flatley Decatur, GA

Joy Flatley
Words cannot express how grateful I am that I found such a ethical, caring breeder when dealing with James. Sammy has been the perfect Golden, in not only beauty, but health, temperament and structure. All Golden puppies are adorable, but James, after looking at the parents, I truly know what a wonderful little buddy I'll enjoy for many years. Sammy is truly a show stopper, and people constantly take photos of him because he is so adorable. Thanks again James for working with me for his arrival, answering all my questions, and responding quickly to my many emails. Sammy is so smart, and so easy to train. Thank you again for raising such quality, and loving Goldens. I'll send many pictures as he continues to grow.

Crystal Harris Raleigh, NC

We brought our little Henry home in March 2013. He is a little over six months old now and is our heart. He is energetic, loving, and playful. He never meets a stranger and has the best temperament with people, children, and other puppies. I am amazed at how much he has grown and changed in so little time. It seems everywhere we go people are just in awe of what a handsome puppy Henry is. Thank you James and Nolichucky Goldens for making our home complete with the addition of our perfect baby boy.

Emlyn & Scott
Our Amazing Ranger
Cute, sweet, smart, and cuddly! That's what "Gracie" is made of! Glad to have found this website. We had been looking for a Golden retriever puppy but none in our area...we are 3rd time owners of this breed so we knew a little of what to expect and boy does our lil girl live up to the breed. We just wanted a good family pet but this puppy seems to conform to what you'd expect of this breed for actual retriever capabilities as well. She loves to carry things in her mouth...her favorite is dried leaves. She carries them so softly and brings them to us fully in tact! So if you want to hunt with these dogs, Nolichucky Goldens would seem to be the place to go. As far as obedience training...she's way ahead on that count as well. But mostly, she's just the cutest, funniest, smartest little girl you could ever want! Thanks to Nolichucky Goldens for "Gracie"

M & M Snyder
My wife and I had researched numerous breeders online, particularly those located in Tennessee. We happened (luckily) upon Nolichucky Goldens and reached out to James regarding an upcoming litter. He immediately responded to our email and was very helpful. Based on the information from his website, the pictures of Oakley and Sophie, and his quick response/helpfulness, we decided to buy our next Golden Retriever from James. This decision has been heaven sent. We are truly blessed to have this amazing, smart, playful, and well-mannered puppy in our lives. Ranger is now 18 weeks old and can bring the mail inside the house. He also carries his own leash when we go for a walk. The intelligence that he has shown is like no other. We look forward to all of the memories and joy he will bring our family for many years to come. I cannot say enough about how great James was during the entire process. He answered all questions we had promptly and made the entire process stress-free.

The Wright Family
We could not have had a better experience! "Scout" is our absolute pride and joy and we owe it all to James of Nolichucky Goldens. Since this was our first time getting a pure bred puppy we had no idea where to go first but speaking to James absolutely alleviated our concerns. Scout is the most loving pet we have ever had! He is playful, laid-back, and so extremely well-socialized we have no worries with him and our young niece, Sophie. We definitely recommend James at Nolichucky Goldens and plan on using him again for more additions to the family!

The Kings
We bought "Timber" to be my boyfriend's hunting dog but he's turned into my favorite pet I've ever had. He's playful, well-tempered, and extremely intelligent! He already knew how to sit when we brought him home, and he's learned everything else very quickly. He's the most loving dog and I couldn't imagine our lives without him. Nolichucky Goldens seem to have the best puppies! I'm so glad we found them online. If we decide to get another Golden, it will most certainly be from Nolichucky Goldens. "Timber" is the best addition to our little family!

The Grogans
Our "Cody". His adventure started at 8 weeks old with a plane flight from Tennessee all the way to West Palm Beach, Florida. It was the first for Nolichucky Goldens as well as for us. The experience couldn't have gone better. James did a fantastic job with the crating, shipping, etc and we were in constant contact during the whole flight. Cody arrived as happy as can be and now almost a year later we have the best golden ever. Our "Cody" has the perfect personality and fit right into our family. We couldn't have picked out a better place than Nolichucky Goldens to get a top of the line golden. Thanks to James and his family for a very wonderful and top of the line experience as well as "our wonderful Cody".

K & J Spino
Although we have had Oakley and Eliie for only a week now, we are absolutely amazed by their intelligence and temperament! They are 100% pure sweetness!! This is our first experience with goldens and they truly are exceptional! This was also our first experience with purchasing a dog from a breeder and James exceeded our expectations in every way! He was very patient and helpful and took time to answer all of our questions. He clearly has a vast knowledge of the breed and provides superb care for all of his dogs and puppies. We look forward to many years and lots of fun with Eliie and Oakley!

Kevin, Amy, Garrett, Eli, Satisfied Customer Of Nolichucky Goldens
Dalton has been a complete bundle of joy for our family! He and our 4-year old daughter are inseparable. His temperament and playfulness are next to none! In the crate, he's already a champ! The entire vets office fell head over hills for his fluffy cream coat! Our vet even said his exam was the most mild mannered, "easiest exam ever!"

The Miller Family
After an extensive and fruitless search for a quality, local breeder that had puppies available, I extended the search nationwide. I found Nolichucky Goldens and contacted James. We spoke for over an hour and when I hung up the phone, I knew that my search was over. It was obvious that I would be hard pressed to find someone more knowledgeable and enthusiastic about breeding the best Golden Retrievers around. I was hesitant about shipping our new puppy across the country, but James assured me that he would never ship a puppy if he didn't feel that they were to be well taken care of on their journey. He even went so far as to rub all of the puppies with a blanket to place in her crate so that she could be comforted by the smell of her brothers and sisters. He truly loves his puppies and the extra effort he put into the process was amazing. It was such a positive experience and our little girl, Macy, has brought our family a tremendous amount of laughter and joy. Thank you James!

The Collins Family
We are so thankful to have found "Annie" at Nolichucky Goldens! She is the sweetest and most perfect lil puppy dog ever! We had to wait 3 long weeks to pick her up, but the breeder, James, was so patient, kind and understanding, emailing us photos weekly and answering any of our many questions in detail. After bringing Annie to our home last night, we both agreed that we could not have had a more positive experience for our first time purchasing a pure bred dog and not knowing anything about Goldens or the breeder until we met them. We did find that the breeder sticks to "the golden rule" and highly recommend him to you. We hope for you that if you are interested in a Golden Retriever you will call or go meet James and his family and you too will come away with the dog of your dreams! Thank you so much James!

C & T Piney Flats 
Just yesterday a neighbor asked me, "What is it about the breeder you work with? Everyone of your dogs are so amazing!" We re-homed Lexi, had Carlee in our custodial care, and now 6 mos old Teddy (the puppy in a Big Boy suit). Here's the difference; we've been priveleged to watch James Fillers at work with his precious animals. He helps the mothers at birth, holds, cuddles and loves each puppy from it's first breath to it's careful placement and fond farewell. Yes, the genetics are outstanding but there is NOTHING that can match the LOVE !!

Gail Butler
Pastoral Care Volunteer, Pet Therapy Handler